Basement renovation/remodel

With the increasing cost of real estate in the Greater Ottawa Area, homeowners are ensuring that every square foot of living space is maximized.

A basement renovation is one of the simplest and most cost-efficient ways of adding new living space to your house. Gone (for good, we hope) is the traditional wood panelled recreation room, replaced by unique and modern living spaces that suit the unique needs of the homeowner.

Some basement features you might consider for your home include:

  • A self-contained apartment for a nanny or family member
  • An oversized wine cellar with tasting table and iron gates
  • A sensible home office or workshop space
  • An entertainment room with cozy fireplace
  • A kids play room with a built-in ballroom and plenty of toy storage
  • An adult-oriented play room with wet bar, pool table and monster television
  • An oversized laundry room complete with custom cabinetry, a steam washer, a folding table and a shirt press
  • A cigar and port lounge, with special ventilation
  • A home theatre with reclining lounge chairs, surround sound and a drop down screen
  • A home recording studio (sound proofed, of course)
  • Do you want a television or stereo system in your bathroom?

It’s your dream basement, and it’s all up to you. Check out our portfolio for examples of how some of our clients have made their dreams a reality with an addition. And then, contact Taper 1 Drywall Home Remodel Services to start making your dream a reality.


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2012-2014 Basement Renovation / Remodel – Supply & Build

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