Foundation installation, repair
  • 1.What is the purpose of the foundation?

    • Foundation for a new home
    • Foundation for a mobile home
    • Existing foundation is beyond repair
    • Foundation for addition or small structure
  • 2.Are there completed structural drawings for this project?

    • Yes
    • No
  • 3.What kind of concrete foundation do you want?

    • Poured concrete slab foundation
    • Concrete pier foundation
    • Poured concrete basement
    • Concrete block foundation
    • Poured concrete foundation with crawlspace
    • Want recommendation
  • 4.Describe Your Install a New Concrete Foundation Need

  • Concrete Foundations

  • While concrete foundations are one of the very best kinds of foundations out there, its stability relies on proper site preparation

  • Concrete Foundation Problems

  • Concrete foundations are the standard in modern construction for a reason. There is simply no other material that can do the job the way that concrete does. In its liquid form.

  • Waterproof a Basement or Foundation

  • 5.What problems are you having with the foundation?

    • Mold, mildew, and/or fungus
    • Excessive dampness
    • Discoloration, odors, or rust
    • White powder or spots on walls
    • Hairline cracks
    • Basement flooding
    • Buckling or bowing walls
    • Mud or clay silt surfacing inside
    • Corners shifting and cracking
    • Floor dropping or other changes
  • 6.What is the current condition of the foundation area that needs waterproofing?

    • Wall is exposed
    • Wall is not exposed
  • 7.What kind of foundation do you have?

  • 8.Describe Your Waterproof a Basement or Foundation Need?

  • Sealing a Foundation

  • 9.What kind of damage do you need repaired?

    • Concrete is dirty or stained
    • Concrete is damp
    • Foundation cracked or broken
    • Wall is tipping
    • Edge is cracked or broken
  • 10.Is water present or leaking from the area in need of repair?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Dont Know
  • 11. What is the size of the area in need of repair?

  • 12.Describe Your Repair a Concrete Foundation Need

  • Cracked Foundation

  • 13.Why do you need your foundation rasied?

    • Foundation cracked or broken Walls or piers are settling
    • Cracks in walls/sheet rock Wall is tipping
    • Foundation is settling and needs to be raised Doors/windows stick
  • 14.Is water present or leaking from the area in need of repair?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Dont Know
  • 15.Describe Your Repair a Concrete Foundation Need

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