Granite / Marble Stone counter-tops

Granite Counter Construction
Of course, like all natural stone countertops, granite is constructed by Mother Nature. This not only gives it a one-of-a-kind look, it also guarantees its strength. Therefore, many granite countertops run somewhere between $50-$150 a square foot, not including installation. However, these high prices don’t actually pay for the material alone, but instead its chain of construction. Think about the path it has to take: from the quarry to the dealer, from the fabricator to the installer, from its production to its transportation to its final formation. All these handlers have their own skills and they set their own fees to ensure the stone’s quality as it’s processed: as it changes hands, the slab will never be harmed or broken, which is a feat in itself. Therefore, granite countertops accrue value depending upon their weight, thickness, complexity, and how far it’s being transported.

Selecting from the Ranks
Since nature forms these products, granite countertops come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, all of which determines their cost. If it’s rare, comes from an exotic country, has complex movement in its veining (if the patterns and swirls are extremely interesting and distinct), and fits today’s fashion, it’ll be considered a premium product which will have a premium price tag to match. But there’re also more budget-friendly options. “Lower quality” products are still high in value and can actually be more durable than premium fare; they’re simply less thick and have a standard design. They may have a few pits and blemishes, and if they’re very thin they may have to be adhered to special supports before installation, but these thrifty alternatives won’t reduce their value. In the end, they still look and act like granite counters, which is all that really matters in terms of any remodel.

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