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Loose banisters, a hole in a wall, a closet door that doesn’t shut right, a rotted board in the back porch. These are the tiresome little problems that can find its solution with the right Handyman service.

There is something you can do to reduce the cost of repairs. By getting organized before you call a contractor, you’ll not only save money, but also reduce the hassle factor.

Begin by walking through the entire house room by room. Then go outside and walk around the house looking at both the house and the grounds. Make a list of everything that needs attention. It sometimes helps to get a friend to help because he/she can offer an outsider’s perspective.

Now organize your list into logical groupings. Sections might include wall repairs, door repairs, weatherstripping, windows, and so on.

Many tasks, like drywall repair, involve several steps. Each step requires a certain amount of time to set up. The result is, it doesn’t take much longer to fix five holes than it does to fix one. This is because no matter how many holes there are, the worker only has to set up for each step once.

Provide Your Handyman With a List
If you give your handyman a full list of things you want done, you’ll reduce the time it takes to explain everything.

Also, if he has a good list to work from, he can organize his approach and the order of tasks to complete.

In essence, you choose a home repair firm the same way you choose a firm for major work. And, the key to getting small repairs done efficiently with minimum hassle is to be organized and up front.


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